About Us

We're a full-service media company that specializes in creating exceptional video content as well as digital campaigns for consumer packaged goods' companies, food brands, lifestyle brands and travel. This video content includes creating commercials – our most recent is currently being submitted for Cleo, Addy, Webby 2023 awards for its creative engagement success and innovative digital media strategy. We also create on-location and documentary style videos, social media clips, recipe videos and more. Since 2015, we have been the in-house production agency for Farm Star Living.

Mary Blackmon

Mary Blackmon has been producing, writing content and hosting videos for her businesses since 2007, sponsored by her clients including Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, General Motors, Green Giant™ Fresh, Sunsweet, Cuties, et al.

Blackmon has been an expert in digital media for 26 years. Prior to this, Blackmon began her career as a SAG actress with roles in an Emmy Awarded TV series, feature film, national commercials, and stage. Mary then found her true calling via advertising, working in NYC for WIRED in '96 and helped introduce the 'ad banner' to agencies and clients across the country. She later worked for Walt Disney Internet Group and Vivendi-Universal Internet until she launched her first ground-breaking internet business in 2003. Twenty years later, she has launched several innovative media businesses to empower a healthy lifestyle – focused on spa & beauty (Spa-Addicts), farms & food (Farm Star Living), and wellness travel (Live Grounded Travel). Her businesses' content and video services have attracted clients including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors, Green Giant Fresh, Kimberly-Clark and others. She has been featured in countless national publications – including O Oprah Magazine, Self, Cosmo, Women's Health, Health, Forbes Traveler, et al, with a specialty talking on air… Extra TV, TV Guide's Fashion TV, Fox & Friends, CBS NY, hosting hundreds of videos as well.

Blackmon's influence and credibility has added to her effectiveness to communicate clients' unique messaging to the general public.

Stefan Glidden

Filmmaker Stefan Glidden, Director of the Blackmon Media Group's Film & Video Department, brings his expertise, professionalism and creative vision to all video projects. His career has been spent creating a variety of films, commercials and videos – including documentaries for HBO and Showtime, commercials for NYC & LA ad agencies' blue-chip brand clients including Marriott, travel and retailers, plus quirky and creative lo-fi viral videos reaching multi-millions of views, and solid emotional work for national PSA's. Glidden's creativity in direction and extensive production expertise makes him an invaluable asset to our clients.

Brieanna Moore

Farm Star Living’s Recipe Video Manager, has styled food projects for film, TV commercials and social media, directing chefs and nutritionists on recipe content and film shoots.

She reflects and relays your brand messaging through custom stylized sets and has worked repeatedly with some of the biggest names in food and produce.